Bio Techno Solutions an ISO Certified Institution

BioTechno Solution Training And Research Institute is an ISO certified Institution with Registration Number: 191QCR35

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Bio Techno Solutions Signed (MOU) with

  • Holy Cross College, Trichy
  • Bishop Heber College Trichy
  • JJ College of Arts and Science Pudukkottai

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"Institute Cab Available from Ponmalaipatti Bus stop to Institute "

Our Vision

We aim to nurture world-class Biotechnology Research Laboratories with a potential to innovate, invent and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of society and environment.

Our Mission

• To provide essential technical guidance and mentorship to students.
• Regular updation of the course curriculum to cater to the needs of academia and industry.
• Project guidance, Training and Service oriented to industrial needs.
• To provide passion, pride and timely quality services and superior customer service to meet the requirements and expectations of each and every customer.

About Us

Bio Techno Solutions is the first Training and Research Institute located in Subramaniapuram, Tiruchirapalli, the Southern part of India, was started with a great passion for Research and Development to bring out newer possibilities for the unresolved problems that persist in Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Plant Science Sectors, thereby striving for the betterment of both Mankind and Science.

BioTechno Solutions is an Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) is committed to provide excellent Hands-on-Industrial Training Program with State- of- Art Infrastructure Lab with the Latest, Advanced and Sophisticated Equipment to work on all aspects of Biosciences and Pharmaceutical Science like Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Plant Biotechnology, Phytochemistry, Microiology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioinformatics etc with both dry and wet labs.

BioTechno Solutions also offer valid Project and Research guidance to Students to take-up Research activities, utilizing the sophisticated lab to carry out advanced Practical Techniques for pulling out their Novel thoughts and ideas to the arena of Research. We also provide a platform for Research Scholars to publish their Research Papers to the referred Journals

Our Goal

• To increase public awareness and understanding of biotechnology and its impacts.
• To develop and provide excellent research tools and capabilities through our resource facilities.
• To coordinate and participate in training activities for students and visiting scientists in biotechnology.
• To become a resource center for biotechnology information and education.

Research Papers

List of the Research Papers published by our Bio Techno Soultions Training and Research Institute project students

  • •Dayana Jeyaleela, J. Rosaline Vimala, R. Senthil, P. Anandagopu and K. Manjula. Isolation, Characterization, Molecular Docking and in vitro Studies of Inhibitory Effect on the Growth of Struvite Crystal Derived from Melia dubia Leaf Extract. Asian Journal of Chemistry31(11):2628-2634. October 2019
  • •Nivetha V, Subramaniyan V, Manikandan G, Divya Bharathi M, Krishna Prasanth T and Manjula K. In vitroantidiabetic and antioxidant activities of the methanolic extract of Alpinia purpurata Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. Vol. 8, Issue 3 1060-1064 (2019)
  • •Smrethe, Raguraj, Jenovin Donald J, Sangeetha M.T, Sentil P.T, Sujitha M and Manjula K. In vitro study of inhibitory effect of Alpinia purpurata leaves extract on struvite crystals. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research Vol. 9, Issue, 12(D), pp. 30021-30025, December, 2018.
  • •Sujitha R, Dr. A Edward and Manjula K. In vitro study of inhibitory effect of Hibiscus rosasinensis flower extracton struvite crystals. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. 8, Issue 4 (2019) 1599-1605.
  • •Esther Johnson and Manjula K., 2019, In Vitro Study of Inhibitory Effect of Ficus Benghalensis Fruits Extract on Struvite Crystals. Int J Recent Sci Res. 10(09), pp. 34932-34936.
  • •Ramachandra Dilip, Sathish Kumar L., Hari Prasath S., Nishanth R., Preethi G., Mounika D., Sujitha M. and Kesavan Manjula. Growth and characterization of Alpinia purpurata stem extract on struvite crystals.World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Volume 8, Issue 2, 651-661. 2019.
  • • Vijay Nirusimhan K, Beatrice Valdaris, Kesavan Manjula. Inhibition of growth of calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate crystals by Couroupita guianensis leaves extract. World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. 2017; Vol 3(9): 174-180. Impact factor: 4.223. ISSN: 2454-2229.
  • • Yuvarani T, Manjula K and Ananda Gopu P. Growth characterization of calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate crystals influenced by Costus igneus aqueous extract. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ISSN- 0975-1491 Vol 9, Issue 5, 2017
  • • S. Chakaravarthy, K. Vijay Nirusimhan, Beatrice valdaris, K. Manjula. In vitro effect of lemon and orange juice on struvite crystallization. International Journal for Research in Applied Sience and Engineering Technology. 2018; vol 6(1); 771-778. Impact factor: 6.887. ISSN: 2321-9653. IC value45.98. (UGC Approved Journal).
  • • Lakshmi Priya C, Beatrice Valdaris, Kesavan Manjula. Effect of Alpinia galanga root extract on struvite crystals. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research. 2018; vol 9(2):24312-24316. Impact factor: 6.86. IC value: 81.25. UGC approved Journal: 46629.
  • • P.Periyal, Priscilla Suresh and Kesavan Manjula. Growth characterization of struvite crystals influenced by Couroupita guianensis extract. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2018. Vol 7(3): 130-1140. Impact factor: 7.421. ISSN: 2278-4357. DOI: 10.20959.
  • • S. Sedhuraman, P. Santhosh, R. Jithendran, A. Balaji, G. Venkatesh, D. Dileep, Dr. S. Gowri and K. Manjula. Growth and characterization of struvite crystals by Alpinia cacarata stem extract. International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology. ISSN: 2321-9653, IC Value: 45.98, Impact factor: 6.887. vol 6:1087-93. 2018.
  • Abinaya M, Catharin Sabthiga, Karthika N, Sudeeptha Samayasree, Beatrice Valdaris and Manjula K. Effect of Alpinia galanga root on calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate (CHPD) crystals.International Journal of Current Advanced Research.7(5): 12949-53, 2018.

Bio Techno Solutions registered under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India UAN: TN27D0008398.


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Institute Cab Available from Ponmalaipatti Bus stop to Institute. 


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